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Foreverbreathe high performance breathable wall systems now provide architects, designers, manufacturers and the home owner with an alternative to traditional airtight construction methods. Advanced structural performance, stability, breathability, superior durability, increased indoor air quality and energy savings are but some of the performance benefits delivered. With an ever-increasing consumer interest in health based building and sustainable development, Foreverbreathe wall systems are well placed to answer the call. Download product information sheet here

Foreverbreathe is now the better way – install it for health, install it for life.

Consider these facts

  • The overwhelming majority of chemicals in built environments remain untested.
  • The vogue strategy in the building industry of airtight shells and increasingly chemically-based construction materials, is broadly accepted throughout the industry. 
  • An ever increasing volume of nasty chemical encapsulated interior products, decorative coatings and high moisture levels are trapped within the airtight shell to form what is known as a chemical cocktail effect. An effect currently mitigated by energy sapping mechanical air movement systems and calculations that determine the total area included for opening windows.
  • Indoor air quality has been estimated to be an average of 5-10 times more unhealthy than outside air (EPA, WHO).
  • Several recent surveys estimate that children now, on average, spend 90% of their time indoors. 
  • Building failures are on the increase with wall solutions failing within warranty periods.
  • The airtight strategy and the value structure that supports it should be earnestly re-examined. There is a better way.
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• Air temperature increases
• Relative humidity decreases
• Moisture is evaporated out of the wool fibre
• Energy is absorbed


• Air temperature decreases
• Relative humidity increases
• Moisture is absorbed into wool fibre
• Energy is released

Foreverbreathe high performance benefits

  • Entirely breathable / vapour permeable
  • NZ appraised performance inclusive of extra high wind zone
  • Materials have been subjected to some of the world’s toughest testing regimes 
  • Superior weather tightness and durability
  • High impact resistance
  • Free of nasty chemicals 
  • Hydroscopic qualities within Terra Lana wool insulation reduce energy use and modulate indoor temperature and humidity levels 
  • Reduce energy use by removing dependency on mechanical air movement systems and reduction in air moisture levels
  • Increased indoor air quality 
  • Conventional construction and installation methods 
  • High resistance to fire, water, mould, condensation, and pests
  • Amazing negative CO2 attributes 
  • Attractive decorative appearance options including, lime renderings, hardwood timber claddings, breathable oil coatings and silicate based high performance breathable paints
  • Downstream waste management with no impact on the environment
  • Consider cost neutral with whole home performance benefits
  • Provides the consumer with the ability to act on behalf of the planet in house size chunks

Solution Partners


NZS0076-Partner Terralana

Terra Lana:

Breathable wool insulation.

Distributed by Hardie and Thomson

  NZS0076-Partner Magnum

Magnum Board:

Breathable exterior cladding and RAB and interior lining.

Distributed by Hardie and Thomson

NZS0076-Partner Foreverbeech


Breathable exterior cladding, interior floors and decorative timber.

Distributed by Hardie and Thomson

  NZS0076-Partner FBP

Foreverbreathe™ Paints:

Breathable exterior and interior paint.

Distributed by Hardie and Thomson

NZS0076-Partner NHC

Oil Coatings:

Breathable exterior and interior oils.

Distributed by Hardie and Thomson

  NZS0076-Partner Abodo


Breathable exterior timber cladding.

Distributed by Hardie and Thomson

NZS0076-Partner Abep


Breathable sealants and liquid flashings.

Distributed by Hardie and Thomson

  NZS0076-Partner Celcrete


Breathable exterior cladding solution compatible with Naturecote lime plaster.
NZS0076-Partner naturecote


Breathable exterior plaster.


Premium quality powder coated cladding and flashing systems.


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